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Altitude Mountain Bike Instruction
Why Mountainbiking?

Is it about challenging yourself physically, mentally? Is it about taking yourself into stunning country and testing your skill and fitness? 

Absolutely! But Mountainbiking offers much more than just a two-wheeled hike and some exercise.

True, you can experience some of the most stunning scenery the world can offer. True, your fitness quickly improves, you'll lose weight, tone up and feel great.

It's the dedication of climbing those hills, through the mud and the rain sweetened by the reward of connecting with the landscape just conquered. It's the thrill of speeding through terrain that demands you plan and adapt with mental and physical agility that you didn't think possible.

No other sport can give you the range of physical experiences that MTB can. In Mountainbiking you will find a challenge that will suit your fitness/skill level without having to be intimidated, and you'll find that your riding will progress with your enjoyment of your trail experiences.

So give us a call, or drop us an email and we'll open up a world of great people, great experiences and great fun!

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