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Flow Like a Pro


Flow is the ability to smoothly transition different sections of the trail, linking it all together and generating and maintaining speed by applying good technique.  These Intermediate courses are focussed on the development of basic offroad riding techniques and the introduction of advanced skills to give riders superior control.

Most riders at this level will have some offroad experience and will be looking to gain the skills to allow them to take on the majority of UK trails with confidence. Away from specific trail skills we’ll look at advanced and dynamic positioning on the bike and how to pilot the bike more effectively.

 FlowPro Courses include instruction on:

* Dynamic Positioning

* Advanced terrain techniques

* Steep technical descents

* Riding berms

* Drop-offs

* Advanced climbing techniques

* Advanced trail manouevres

The Intermediate Course is necessarily flexible in format to allow the Instructors to constantly assess and coach to strengthen each riders skill set throughout the day.

On the Day

We start at around 10am (though this may vary) with specific skills training on pre-selected features, followed by some quick sections to work on dynamic positioning.

After lunch it’s out on to the trail for a loop to link up the trail skills and positional training, and to put in some trail time with your new skills. Your Instructor will run through any tricky sections and will also monitor your progress throughout the ride.

At the end of the day (at around 4pm) you’ll have a quick de-brief and cool down.

Now you’re ready to take on the rough stuff!



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