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Basic Trail Riding

Basic Trail lessons are about getting you comfortable on the bike, understanding the controls and learning how to move on the bike. All beginner lessons take place on the equivalent of Blue Graded trails and are perfect for newcomers to offroad biking and more experienced riders who want a solid base for progressing their riding.

The aim of this course is to provide riders with a skillset that will allow them to confidently take to the trails and begin to challenge themselves and their bikes!

On The Day
We begin with a walk-through of how to conduct a pre-ride check on your bike and gear, correct set-up and how to deal with any mechanical issues that may arise while you're out.

Next we'll focus on the fundamental skills that a mountain biker needs with demonstrations and practice runs, breaking each skill down into simple steps.

Course includes instruction on:

 * Position on the bike
 * Flowing between Features
 * Climbing and descending techniques
 * Off-road riding techniques
 * Braking
 * Roll-ins

After lunch we hit the trail, and incorporate the skills learnt earlier into real-time trail situations! 

Time to put your new biking skills into practice! 


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